About Jamie

My grandparents made their home here after grandpa retired from the RCMP and so every year for Summer and Christmas vacations we would make the long trek from Saskatchewan to Creston, British Columbia. I loved it here, for me Creston represented family, memories and amazing camping, swimming and other outdoor fun.|

When my dad retired himself, from the RCMP in 1996, he announced that we were moving to Creston permanently to be near his parents.  I was torn between happiness and dread. I was 15 and was not impressed about leaving my friends and the home I had known in Saskatchewan all this time – I planned to finish my last three years of high school in BC and move back to the city, the only lifestyle I had ever known.

I started by going to College in Abbotsford followed by a trip to Thailand to teach English. The experience was amazing and I suddenly felt extremely blessed to have a wonderful family in a wonderful area and I realized the importance of both of those things.

I spent the next few years working in Toronto and Calgary before I could no longer ignore what I knew was true – I knew I was happiest when I was in Creston.

Every time I came home from the “big city” I found more and more in Creston to appreciate. I looked around and found lots to love, which included my husband. After we were married we talked about the option of leaving Creston but something always stopped us. The pull of the Valley and our love for it was too strong and we knew we wanted to make a home here, eventually starting a family so that our daughter could enjoy the same childhood memories that we had.

Now my job is here and it is truly the best job in the world, selling little pieces of a Valley I don’t own to great people who will now understand how incredible this area is. I know in my heart this is the place I will always call home and have never regretted that decision. Come to Creston, check out Creston homes for sale, experience relaxation, peace of mind and the security of a wonderful town. You won’t regret it either.